Midjourney is an independent research facility. Investigating new thought mediums and Increasing the human species’ imaginative capacity. Very nice and intriguing AI-assisted artwork creation platform. But it’s not what you think, and how it works is quite different from that of other providers.

Midjourney launched a private beta by invitation only around early March or late February, after you applied on their website. Their platform is based on Discord, so if you are not already a member, you will need to create an account. You join their Server, just like any other Discord, and there are many Channels inside where you can read instructions, see announcements, get help, and most importantly, create your art. Yes, you can create art from within their Discord server.

Midjourney Discord - techrar
Midjourney Discord

The Midjourney Bot

The art is created by the Midjourney bot, which runs on their server. You send it your text-based prompts, and it will create four diffused images as a small preview from which you can choose which ones you want to create, and then it produces a higher res version.

/imagine prompt: Cyber God

/imagine prompt: followed by the actual prompt you want to use to submit your prompt. The Midjourney bot then gets to work on creating your image, which appears beneath the prompt. Here is the outcome of what Midjourney bot interpreted from your prompt and produced four images for you to choose from. You have some action buttons below.

/imagine prompt: Cyber God

U1/U2/U3/U4 Using these buttons, you can increase the resolution of your image while also increasing the level of detail. The initial image, as you can see, is not very detailed, but it has a lot of potential to become something very nice.

Other options for image creation include Make Variation, Upscale to Max, and Light Upscale Redo. More information about the Midjourney bot’s parameters and attributes can be found on their documentation page. The Midjourney team is very responsive to community feedback and thus keeps fine-tuning and releasing new features.

V1/V2/V3/V4 Variations of an image, this allows you to create variations of an image that you liked in the initial diffusion. The Midjourney bot then draws inspiration from the nominated image to create similar-looking images. When you want to make a series of similar-looking images, this can be a lot of fun.